About Us

Inspired By Innovative Environmental Research & Advocacy

River and Delta Research Centre (RDRC) is a leading organization conducting cutting-edge research in water resources and sustainable development.

Our Mission

To conduct, coordinate, and integrate multi-disciplinary research to address critical national, regional, and transboundary priorities (GBM and HKH basin countries) in water resources and sustainable development issues.

What We Do

We generate knowledge to inform environmental policy and advocacy in GBM and HKH basin countries.

Our Work

We believe a multipronged approach is needed to ensure a sustainable future for our riverine and delta ecologies.

Our highly qualified experts provide consultancy services for different projects. We provide project design, project planning for government and private organizations.

An interdisciplinary initiative to bring together natural and social research on all aspects of rivers, floodplains, wetlands, deltas, and estuaries across urban and rural settings.

RDRC offers research and study on the estuary, geology, and fluvial dynamics in deltas. Our study also focuses on the impact on deltas due to anthropogenic causes and climate change.

We provide academic and professional training for universities, professionals, journalists, representatives, government officials and activists. Trainings cover sustainable development and capacity building.

RDRC organizes international and regional conferences, webinars, and community consultations throughout the year.

We organize and support environmental advocacy and campaigns.

Urban rivers face many unique challenges. Massive industrialization, urbanization, high population density, municipal pollution, water pollution, encroachment, and other anthropogenic causes make urban rivers difficult to maintain. RDRC provides different pragmatic solutions and river basin plans for urban rivers.

Our Team

Our team members bring together a wide range of expertise and experiences in environmental research and advocacy.