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Welcome to River & Delta Research Centre

We conduct, coordinate and integrate interdisciplinary research to address critical national, regional, and transboundary priorities in water resources management, urban transformation, and sustainable development issues. We believe in elevating the voices of marginalized communities and working with frontline communities towards transformative alternatives to our current social-ecological systems.

Eviction drives around rivers are not sustainable.

Eviction Driver around rivers are not sustainable.

Over 500 rivers on verge of extinction

Photos: Life along a ‘dead’ river in Bangladesh

Featured Projects

Baseline Survey of 150 Rivers of the Dhaka Division

Ongoing baseline survey to generate comprehensive and updated information of Dhaka’s existing rivers.


Regular Bangla journal that publishes timely articles, reviews, and interviews on all river related issues.

Field Survey of Demarcation Pillars on Buriganga and Turag Rivers

Reviewing the current steps of the BIWTA’s demarcation pillars project along Dhaka’s rivers.

Women Water Leadership Network (WWLN)

Promoting women’s leadership in the decision-making processes related to water resources management.

View our past and ongoing projects below.

Riverine Urbanism in a Changing Planet

Exploring the lives and livelihoods practices of urban riverine and wetland communities.

Academic Course on River Management

Participants learn various aspects essential to achieving sustainable management of rivers.

Mass Bathing in Buriganga River 2022

Organized in solidarity with affected communities around Buriganga to raise our voices to make the water of Buriganga ‘bathable’ and pollution free. 

1st International River Based Knowledge Sharing Conference (IRC 2022)

A global platform to collaborate and improve the sustainable management of river basins worldwide.

Young River Championship 2022

Active engagement of university and college students through quiz and essay competitions across Bangladesh.

Rivers in Liberation War

Research project highlighting the role of Bangladesh’s rivers in the liberation war 1971.

World Rivers Day 2021 Celebration T10 Cricket Tournament

Engaging youth in the conservation of rivers and wetlands.

Dialogue with Mohammad Azaz

Informal online conversations to exchange knowledge and foster collaboration globally.

Meet Our Team

Our team members around the world bring together a wide range of expertise and experiences in environmental research and advocacy.

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Rivers and wetlands are unrecognized territories of life and livelihoods for a sustainable economic system.