Muktijuddhe Nadi hits bookshops

Writer and researcher Foysal Ahmed’s book titled Muktijuddhe Nadi is now available at different bookshops.

The book was published under the banner of River and Delta Research Centre on October 19. Mostafiz Karigor is the cover artist of the book.

‘Muktijuddhe Nadi features different chapters, namely Muktijuddhe Nadi; Muktijuddhe Nadijatra: Shwasruddhakar Ekush Din; Muktijuddher Gane Nadi; Sangbadpatre Noujuddher Khabar and others. Besides, it contains two interviews,’ said Foysal Ahmed.

‘In the book, I have tried to highlight how freedom fighters used rivers during the War of Independence. I hope that after reading the book readers will get a glimpse into the crucial roles of the rivers in the war,’ added Foysal Ahmed.

The books can be purchased at bookshops, namely Prothoma, Pathak Samabesh, Ujan and others. Besides, readers can buy the books online visiting

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